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One Click Registrations

Posted by John Ibister on February 4, 2018

One click registrations will boost your webinar registration conversion rate and help streamline your webinar registration process.

Each month we take the most sought-after feature requests and build them. If you have any ideas for how to improve our webinar platform, please let us know.

One Click Registrations

To begin with, what are one click registrations?

One click registrations allow you to register anyone whose email you already know (such as those already subscribed to your email list) without having them fill in their name and email again in a registration form. It removes one barrier to completing their registration and thus results in higher converions.

All you need to do is execute this link with your webinar ID and the registrant's email (and, optionally, their name).

You should replace your webinar ID (found in the home page of WebinarSuite) with your webinar's ID (ex: 527), the registrant's email with XXXX (ex:, and, optionally, the registrant's name with XXXX (ex: John Doe).

Now, how do you do this without having attendees fill in their email and name manually?

There are many ways to do this (you can get creative!), but I'll show you one practical example that is most popular.

If you're using an email marketing service, you can use a special string that replaces inserts your subscribers' emails individually. In mailchimp, for example, you use *|EMAIL|* to include the person's email, and *|NAME|* to inlcude the person's name.

So, the link would look like this:*|EMAIL|*&name=*|NAME|*

You would then send an email to your email list regarding the webinar, with a "register" button included in the contents of the email. That registration button should link to the URL with the special string that inputs your subscribers' emails for you. Thus your webinar registrants would not need to manually register for the webinar at all! It would be automatic once they clicked that link.

Even better, you can integrate your email marketing provider and make a specific list dedicated to your webinar, and have your current subscribers be added to your webinar registration list, which could have a separate sequence of emails (such as reminder emails, marketing emails, etc.).

Thanks for sticking with us! Please do let us know what features you'd like us to build next.